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Users AML So many are asking how to download and merge / extract file, we are very busy to tell you how to do it, now we provide a video tutorial, hope it's clear enough for you, ENJOY ...!

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HOW TO Download

HOW TO Use WinRAR - WinZip to Extract Files 

How to use HJsplit **Join .001 .002 .003 Files**

How to Merge SRT subtitle files with video file

Subtitle is often used is the srt file type. This file is created with notepad editor program. If we open the srt file with notepad you will see the writings and time. The text to be shown on film and the times it shows the minutes and seconds to the number of sentences in the subtitle will be displayed. We can edit it manually to change the language or time.

When we download the subtitle file, sometimes the file is still a rar or zip file. For that the file must be extracted in order for the file back into shape the srt file. Can be used to extract winrar program. After that just follow the steps below in order to appear on the subtitled films we watch.

* Move files and subtitlenya movies into one folder. Name the movie and subtitlenya be the same. Suppose movie titled CrowsZero.avi, then subtitlenya =

* Then turn the movie then subtitle will appear automatically. Recommended Media Player to play movies is VLC Media Player


* Play the movie using VLC Media Player.

* To enter manually subtitle, Click Video menu, select Subtitle Track, and select Load File. Browse to the subtitle file is located.

* If you have found select it and click OK.

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